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  • She’s So Mean

    It feels gross writing a personal blog about frivolous things when there’s so much devastation going on in Texas right now, but sometimes keeping a sense of normalcy helps not be overwhelmed. It’s these times when I feel most helpless. I can give small amounts of money, but I can’t just jump on a plane,… Continue reading

  • Give Me the Meltdown

    I didn’t have anything to say here and was kind of panicking about that. And then Warner Bros. did me a favor and gave me a topic to rant about. Congratulations to anyone who’s tired of hearing about my family health nightmares and my deep depression. You get an expletive filled rant about fictional characters.… Continue reading

  • Yourself or Someone Like You

    Life has been insane for so long I’ve not had time to just sit back and think. Which means all my emotions have been living in the depths of my soul waiting on their moment to shine. I’ve lived with anxiety and depression my whole life. They each manifest in different ways. The anxiety used… Continue reading

  • Mad Season

    It’s been nearly a year since I wrote a post here. In fact it’s probably been about that long since I wrote words in consecutive order that were anything other than hello, how are you, I’m fine. The last two words are a lie but it’s easier to say them than to explain all the… Continue reading

  • I Have No Idea What to Call This One

    If you’ve come here looking to read about all the adventures I’ve been having now that I have a fancy new wheelchair I’m sorry to disappoint. Today is the first day I have been out of the house. But, I have a good reason. We’ve torn up my closet/shower to update it and make everything more accessible. Because why… Continue reading

  • W.T.F.

    Okay kids. Here I am with another update. And it’s not a good one. Well, it has its moments, they’re in there somewhere, I think. I’ve done patient. I’ve done lucky to be me. I’ve done calm and collected. Now I’ve moved on to angry. Disillusioned. Frustrated. And WTF. Let’s talk about it. In February I discovered, researched and started… Continue reading

  • And on…

      Remember that time last month when I said I’d have a new wheelchair? Well, it’s been over a month since my last entry and… Spoiler alert: I do not have a new wheelchair. Last week they delivered the chair with the fabulous battery powered wheels. The wheels: still rad. The chair: 5 inches too tall.… Continue reading

  • It Goes On

    It has been exactly one month since my last confession. So here I am again with the double sided coin of emotions. I’m deeply saddened by the events that have been happening all over the world, from Trump to Brexit to terrorism and everything in between. This post is not going to be about any… Continue reading

  • Choice

    It occurred to me recently that we’re afraid of it. We like the idea of it. Having a choice. We fight for that right every day. But when we actually are faced with having one? Panic. What do you mean I have to make a decision? On my own? Shock. Horror. Someone tell me what… Continue reading

  • Inside Out

    I’ve been trying to write this for hours. But I couldn’t find the words to say. Somehow I managed to find them. A lot more than I thought I would. Today (although let’s be real, this entire year) has been one hell of an emotional roller-coaster. And anyone who knows me knows that I don’t handle emotions… Continue reading

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Welcome. This is a safe space where I talk about all sorts of things from my life as a wheelchair user, writer and sports fan to whatever else is on my mind. Thank you for being here and going on this journey I call life with me.

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