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I Have No Idea What to Call This One

If you’ve come here looking to read about all the adventures I’ve been having now that I have a fancy new wheelchair I’m sorry to disappoint. Today is the first day I have been out of the house. But, I have a good reason.

We’ve torn up my closet/shower to update it and make everything more accessible. Because why not turn your world upside down while you’re getting used to a new piece of equipment. So there’s adventure here, it’s just still inside the walls of my comfort zone.

Below are some pictures of the destruction. When it’s all done it’s gonna be great. Which is why I am staying so zen about it. I’m zen. I am. Really…

Closet will be completely rebuilt and there will be a door on it. I get to design it to my needs. That’s a bonus.


Shower will be set up better, with a flat surface for me to roll on and some better solutions as far as benches and shower heads. There will be glass where the part of the half wall has been removed. (Hard to see in the first image but there was a step up into the shower).

My big grand dream of having the entire bathroom reconfigured had to be lessened to keeping the layout the same. But it’s all win/win in the end. It means I won’t have to move out to allow them to cut into floors and pipes and all that stuff and I still get the makeup vanity I’ve been dreaming of, in my bedroom.

As I said before, today I went out of the house. Alone. The outing was a success. A quick trip to a mall close by, where I bought a bunch of things I didn’t need, and a few things I legitimately did. There was only one hiccup, and it came after I had zoomed around watching my money disappear as fast as my wheels turned. The key fob remote system that deploys my ramp decided to take a nap. So there I sat in the parking lot watching my transformer refuse to turn from car to robot. I suppose it isn’t a surprise that Max Argent is a moody as me. The good news is she gets over things as fast as I do too. Let’s just hope she doesn’t hold a grudge like I do or I’m f*cked.

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