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  • The Push-Pull of Being Seen, and Heard

    Welcome to part two of ?? In the series about shit I deal with as a disabled person. In our last meeting we discussed what it’s like to be out in the world as a wheelchair user. In this installment I will be discussing an even harder topic – what it’s like to have OCD,… Continue reading

  • Return of the Whack

    Here’s the thing. I don’t like to put my life out on front street, on the Internet, anymore. I’ve gone dark on all my socials and this blog space has been dormant for way longer than I meant it to be. But, I’ve had this idea ruminating around in my head for a while now,… Continue reading

  • I Feel Fine

    I wrote this for my Advanced Fiction course. My professor called it “good enough to be published.” Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Continue reading

  • The Shutout

    Felt cute. Won’t remember to delete later. This is a story I wrote for one of my class assignments on Plot. After all this time as a writer I’ve never based a story around hockey. And now that I’m in a class where I’m reading about monsters and androids I write about sports. My brain… Continue reading

  • The Girl with the Keanu Reeves Tattoo

    This is an essay I turned in for workshop in my Creative Nonfiction class. Just the words. The pictures I added just for you. Enjoy 🙂 Fandom has fueled my life since I was a young girl. My earliest memory of it is sitting alone in my bedroom initiating my stuffed animals into the Goonies… Continue reading

  • Maytime Lane

    This is an essay I wrote for my Creative Nonfiction class. I like the piece but I’m not turning it in because my assignment is due on Keanu’s birthday and I felt it more fitting to write about my adoration for him.  “Maytime Lane” There is a condominium complex in Culver City. Say that ten… Continue reading

  • A Recipe for Success

    If you’ve never experienced next level anxiety but always wanted to know what it’s like, go back to school at age 47. Better yet go back to school at age 47, go into a Master’s level program, and do it in a field you’ve always wanted to be in. Also. And this is a very… Continue reading

  • Should’ve Known Better

    A few days ago the LA Kings tweeted out a note that two of their players were featured on a podcast. Instead of going with my gut and ignoring that tweet, I sought out the podcast and downloaded the episode. As soon as I saw that it was produced by Barstool Sports I should have… Continue reading

  • New Year, Who Dis?

    It’s 2019, do you know where your life is going? Continue reading

  • For the Record

    This is a follow up to the entry Life, The Universe, And Everything  For those of you who don’t want to read that one again: In March I began inquiring about a degree in Psychology at National University. I have two other degrees, one in Business and one in Graphic Design. I can only prove one… Continue reading

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Welcome. This is a safe space where I talk about all sorts of things from my life as a wheelchair user, writer and sports fan to whatever else is on my mind. Thank you for being here and going on this journey I call life with me.

Please note: I take no responsibility for how you interact with what I have to say. My opinions are my own and may be different than yours. That’s ok. This is my life, mostly unedited and wholly unfiltered. 

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