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  • Recalibrating a Moral Compass

    The day the news broke about Bill Cosby being a serial rapist I erased his comedy albums from my iTunes library and gave up on him. It was simple. He was an individual who I could let go of. Then as a shitstorm of news upon news about everyone and their father started surfacing my… Continue reading

  • Learning to Fly

    Some day I’ll be comfortable being the “unless something better comes along” person. Today is not that day. If that’s how you see me there’s not much I can do, but I’d like to say to you specifically, either lie to me about plans you might already have or be honest with me about what… Continue reading

  • Shame on Us

    There’s a saying that we, in the collective sense of the word, have forgotten about. “If someone shows you who they are, believe them.” I know it’s hard to imagine that in 2018 abhorrent people we thought we’d gotten rid of, whether by teaching or by generations dying off, are still among us. But they… Continue reading

  • Life, the Universe, and Everything

    A few weeks ago I floated the idea of going back to school. I put it into the universe by saying it out loud to a few people, I looked into options, and found a program that would both suit me and excite me. There were two choices in the beginning. University of Phoenix’s program… Continue reading

  • Se7en Days

    That’s a misleading title, this isn’t about the Brad Pitt movie, and I’m not screaming “what’s in the box!” But It’s almost Halloween and almost NaNoWriMo and that’s all scary. So it fits. First, something terrible. We’ll get it out of the way. This morning when I checked out my usual social media spots Facebook… Continue reading

  • Gr8ful

    I have this pinned on my Pinterest board I’ve named “Truthiness” to remind myself to keep things in perspective. With the way things are going in the world it is tough to remember to be grateful for thing things we have and not take them for granted. It’s hard, in my situation, to stay focused… Continue reading

  • Renovated, Renewed, Something Something

    The world is still in disarray. But it will continue to be tomorrow, and the next day, so I’m gonna take a break from ranting about the state of things in the big world and talk about my own little world. October is a crazy month for me, and for the last 2 years I’ve… Continue reading

  • Are You There God? It’s Me, Gun Control

    In preparation for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) which starts November first my plan was to write a blog entry every day in October. Because I missed day one, and because nothing truly happens in my life, I wavered. But I woke up with a whole lot to talk about. Whenever there is tragedy anywhere… Continue reading

  • Bright Lights

    Write like no one is reading. That’s not how the saying goes but it’s how I’m approaching this entry. In my last entry I briefly touched on the moment I became a hockey fan. It was easy to transition into the sport because I have been watching them my whole life. Baseball, basketball, racing, tennis.… Continue reading

  • I’ll Believe You When

    Yeah, so I missed a couple weeks of the planned weekly blog entries. I have a legit excuse – I had an out of town visitor staying in my house and we actually did stuff. None of it was what we talked about before her flight out, but that’s how it usually works with us.… Continue reading

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Welcome. This is a safe space where I talk about all sorts of things from my life as a wheelchair user, writer and sports fan to whatever else is on my mind. Thank you for being here and going on this journey I call life with me.

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