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I have this pinned on my Pinterest board I’ve named “Truthiness” to remind myself to keep things in perspective. With the way things are going in the world it is tough to remember to be grateful for thing things we have and not take them for granted. It’s hard, in my situation, to stay focused on this. It has been especially hard these past few weeks, as we’ve been renovating my kitchen and my wishlist items have been quashed one by one. Not checked off, quashed. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s fate, it’s life, it’s how I’ve had to live since whatever age it was this disability decided to pick me to live in.

That’s why the serenity prayer speaks to me. Or at least I try to make it resonate in these times. Focus on the things you cannot change and always know the difference. I had a conversation with a friend at my mom’s birthday slash I kicked cancer’s ass party and her perspective on her own situation was a gentle reminder that someone else is always dealing with something worse. I may not get the spice rack I asked for, but there are people in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Northern California who would really like to just have their houses back. Perspective.

It’s hard not to take things personally when they’re going wrong. It’s also hard to take credit when they’re going right, or more accurately, it’s hard not to wonder where the catch is when things go well. You can have that new SUV but you’re gonna have to deal with the death of your dog, and your mom’s gonna get breast cancer. Deep down I know that these events have zero to do with each other, but in a world where everything is going wrong, it’s easy to jump to terrible conclusions. Stay on target, keep yourself grounded, do not lose perspective.

As I’m being introspective, the universe reminds me how big it is, and reminds me how connected I am to it. I feel earthquakes before they happen. I think of people and they appear as if to tell me they heard my thoughts. It happens a lot when I start getting to far into my own head. When my anxiety level is at an all time high. The bigger picture shows up and taps me on the shoulder. Perspective.

I forgot to add a W.O.W. moment last week so I’ll just say that for the past 2 weeks my WOW moments have been strength, wisdom, serenity and courage. The spices don’t need their own rack.

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