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Day 28 – Isn’t it Ironic?

I don’t particularly like writing fan fiction. There is something wrong about it to me. Not in the content and what fan fiction usually turns out to be (sexier than the original text), obviously, but in the fact that you are taking someone else’s hard work and then doing the easy stuff. As a writer I feel dirty when I write a story using another author’s characters, their world, the things they spent all those years, days, hours coming up with. Who am I to step in their sandbox and change their character dynamics? Use their research? Act like I know better? Anyway. I just feel skeevy about it.

So it is with irony that I tell you all, my readers, that the most popular entry on this silly blog, is a slash fiction story I wrote about characters from a book series I am in love with. Yeap. My one and only finished product fan fiction attempt is getting more hits than anything I have ever written here. Dammit.

At this moment I have a Bruce Wayne/Harvey Dent story rummaging around in my head, which was sparked by a conversation I heard on a podcast. I am having trouble writing the actual story. Is it really mine to tell? Just because I know Kevin Smith and Paul Dini are never going to write it themselves, does that make it OK for me to run with their idea? Then again isn’t that how ideas happen in the first place? And in the end, who cares where it came from, it’s not like I am selling fan fiction as my own creation. I think this is the circle of thought that is keeping me from writing anything other than silly, unsolicited opinions about pseudo celebrities and human rights issues.

While I contemplate the validity of this conundrum, feast your eyes on the latest portfolio piece I put together for Captain America The Winter Soldier. ‘Cause ya know, the professionals didn’t already do a good job on the official artwork. Cue Alanis Morrissette…


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