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Day 27 – Do Not Ingest This Product

TMI Alert – As I was curled up in bed dealing with severe cramps I wondered how it would feel if I could spread IcyHot on my ovaries. Then the medicine kicked in and I fell asleep.

Everyone’s Talking About – The GRAMMY’s. I did not watch them. I caught up on Castle and Bones then watched Sherlock. I did experience the entire show on Twitter though.

The mayor of Sochi (Russia) has declared that there are no gay people in his city. First, it’s cute he thinks that. Second, it’s sad he thinks that. Because part of what that means, is that the gay people who definitely exist in Sochi are so scared of being beaten to death they are hiding. The truth of the matter is, there are plenty of gay people all over Russia, but they would all like to live to see tomorrow. Thanks for playing though!

The Olympics. To boycott, or to watch and donate money to human rights causes? That is the question. 


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