Things that are bugging me: There is a petition on President Obama’s desk to deport Justin Bieber. Because the President does not have better things to do than order the deportation of an asshole teenager we’ve had enough of. Prince is suing his fans for bootlegging videos of his music. Because Prince does not do anything for free. The Olympics are happening whether we like it or not and there are LGBT athletes, allies to the community and ambassadors attending on the US’s behalf who do not believe in the politics of the Russian government. But we are calling to boycott them anyway.

When you wake up tomorrow and head to your shitty job you’re only doing until you can do what you really want to do, or when you head to the dream job you got from your hard work and determination, take a step back and ask yourself what you would do if someone told you not to pursue it, or called you names because you are not giving up the dream in protest of something. It is easy enough for you to not drink a Coke, eat a burger or use your credit card. Do not pretend it is simple to just not pursue your lifelong dream. Until you sacrifice more than a french fry and an ice cold beverage. Shut the hell up.