I do my best to not hold any hatred for anyone. Even those who have done amazingly mean things to me, school bullies, people who took advantage of my kindness, Internet bullies. I especially keep the hatred away form people who have no impact on my life, like celebrities, bands, sports figures. I find hating someone or something exhausting. That being said, when I watch hockey there is one announcer who honestly makes me want to punch him in the throat. If you asked my why, I could not give you a fully formed answer. He just pushes every one of my annoyance buttons. Not sure if I can categorize that as hatred, I do not know the man, but what else would you call someone who makes you want to commit violent acts against them? 

As I write this I am watching that announcer during an outdoor game in New York where it is snowing and cold. It is currently 65 in Los Angeles and I am running my floor heater. A bit ago a chill went through me and I wondered if I should turn the heater up. Then I looked at the TV and saw it snowing on 50,000 fans watching outdoor hockey, and felt like an asshole.

Being a sports fan it is difficult not to feel like a cougar (an old woman lusting after younger men) as most of these kids are just about half my age. I would feel wrong about it, but the chances I would have snagged a pro athlete at any age are slim to none, so I gawk without guilt.

Today’s entry brought to you by the word exhaustion. Thank you for visiting.