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Day 23 – On Justin Bieber

This thing we do, building people up to celebrity status and then tearing them down the first chance we get – it needs to stop. Justin Bieber is an asshole. Because he’s 19 and famous and everyone is an asshole at 19, and people who are famous are allowed to be assholes because who in the world is going to say no to a star. But, we ask these questions. “What happened to him?” “Why is he doing this?” “What’s wrong with him?” What were you like at 19?

And to answer the question why is he doing this? Because he can. Because when they raided his house after the egging incident they arrested his friend. Because last night’s arrest – for DUI and drag racing – resulted in a $2,500 bond being set. Justin Bieber pissed $2,500 worth of booze in Colorado when he wrote his name in the snow, like every other fucking dude does when they see snow and have to pee. He probably paid the bond out of change from the cup holder in the Lambo he was racing.

Many of us, yep, even you, were young, dumb and full of cum once upon a time. Can you imagine what you would be like if you had endless amounts of money flowing through your bank account, hundreds of people willing to say yes to every stupid, dangerous, illegal thing you wanted to do and absolutely no parental supervision?

Just because you did not grow up in the spotlight and have your antics recorded for prosperity don’t act like this is the weirdest, most uncharacteristic thing a teenager has ever done. 

The question we need to be asking ourselves is, where are the adults, where are the people who should be watching over him and making sure he does not do stupid shit? Oh, right, they’re in the seat next to him working the Nitros Oxide button to go faster.

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