Today has been all about keeping myself from throwing up. No idea what that’s all about, could be the flu, again, but that would mean that the flu shot I got was useless. 

What that also means is, I have not been able to read or write anything all day. Instead I have been listening to people talk about their love of Batman. Writers, mostly. Sometimes I find it useful to listen to others talk about being creative to supplement my own lack of being so.

Not-so-Apology of the day: Sherri Shepherd is very sorry if she hurt anyone’s feelings in her remarks and promises she is not anti-gay. She still thinks homosexuality is a sin, though.

Personal confession of the day: I sleep on my right side, and have for many years. This has resulted in a prominent bald spot. On my eyebrow. 

That’s about all I can muster for this entry. More tomorrow?