In two days I will no longer feel the need to avoid all my usual geek haunts because I will finally have seen the premiere of Sherlock season 3. Well, it’s really just the Geek section of Pinterest I have been avoiding, other than unfollowing a few people on Tumblr and Twitter who felt the need to talk about the show because they think they’re so much cooler than those of us who a) waited patiently for the debut in the US on actual television and did not illegally download it, and b) do not live in the UK where it premiered 16 days ago.


Despite my annoyance with the Smodcast, I find myself enjoying Kevin Smith’s other podcasts, including Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, in which Jason Mewes is the calming force in Kevin Smith’s pot filled life. Look him up sometime and you will understand why this is surprising.


I have clean run out of things to talk about in this blog. When one has very little social life one tends to not have much to share. (I’ve chosen this, it is not a complaint).

For the next 13 days I am going to continue to put as many words into this blog as possible. After meeting a 30 day blog challenge I think I will cut it down to 3x a week or, a weekly roundup type thing. We’ll see how it goes.