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Day 18 – Think of the Children!

Just when I thought I was not going to have anything to write about…

Juan Pablo Galvis, the Bachelor, when asked if a gay version of the show would work, answered honestly, which these days is not such a good thing and someone should really be putting these people through better media training. If you want to stay relevant and not be that guy/girl who said that homophobic, racist, idiotic thing, lie like a rug. Anyway, it is not actually THAT he said what he said I find problematic, free speech and all that jazz, it is WHAT he said. 

Juan Pablo thinks that gay men are not good role models and that a gay bachelor show would set a bad example for the children. What the actual fuck? Essentially what you’re saying is you and 16 women getting drunk and fucking each other in the guise of finding true love, having it filmed for the world to see, IS a good example for children! I guess because at least it’s between a man and a woman, and ya know, the bible says that’s what’s right, after all. God loves fame whores, duck hunters, alcoholics, politicians and talk show hosts, but he sure does hate the gays. Got it? 

But listen guys, Phil Robertson, Juan Pablo and recent addition to the crazy train, Sherri Shepherd, don’t hate the gays. They just think gays are hell bound poor examples for the children, and as long as they don’t have to see them, the children will grow up to be duck hunting, fame whoring talk show hosts. Because, the Bible. Noted.

On the topic of the children. Someone please think of the children! Vladimir Putin put his homophobic (he definitely hates the gays, and he will tell you that if asked, I am sure of it) bare-chested torso front and center to let the gay Olympians and Olympic revelers, commentators and whomever is involved in his “please come to Russia, we need the money” campaign, that you can be gay, and you can be out, as long as you leave the children alone. And by leave the children alone he means do not molest them. Because only gay people do that, and ALL gay people do that. OK?

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