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Day 16 – This Affects You How? (Sometimes I Go Against My Own Policy)

This morning I woke up to the weekly download of Smodcast. That is Kevin Smith’s podcast where he sits down with his producing parter Scott Mosier and they talk about interesting (to them) news stories and sometimes about growing up in New Jersey and how their early lives lead up to them filming Clerks. Every time I try to listen to an episode I threaten to stop. It is honestly just a two hour stoner fest where I listen to one of my favorite writers laugh at shit that isn’t funny, because he is so high he can no longer tell the difference. This morning I finally did what I kept threatening to do. I stopped the episode I was listening to about 10 minutes into it and deleted the entire podcast from my iTunes (essentially I unsubscribed to it by deleting it from the queue).

Now, I understand. Not everything Kevin Smith does is going to hit with me. In fact there are many of his projects I ignore altogether. But he is an interesting storyteller on most days. If you have ever seen his An Evening With shows you will understand he is a genius at creating a scene, whether it be his encounter with Prince or his experience writing a Superman film in which the producer insisted the man of steel fight a giant spider. Or his feud with Tim Burton.

Kevin Smith is one of the more productive stoners you’ll ever hear of. He records a podcast every day, he helps run two shows (Comic Book Men and Spoilers) and he helped write/produce an animated film with his other partner in crime, Jason Mewes (Jay, if any of you know the duo of Jay and Silent Bob). He has also written three full-length feature films, two of which came out of the Smodcast podcast. So I do get that they are useful to him, and that’s great. But I need to understand how we have become a society of people who need to deaden themselves to function. See, Kevin Smith readily admits that he smokes pot to get through life, because life is hard. 

Sometimes I want to send a letter to Smith and tell him to fuck off. I do not know what real shit Kevin Smith has to deal with on a daily basis I will admit that. I know what he talks about. Being fat. Being thrown off a plane for being fat. Being the brunt of a lot of jokes for being fat, and for his movies not being everyone’s cup of tea. Get the fuck over yourself. Go on a diet. Stop reading comments or reviews. And maybe sit down with someone who has real problems and find out how they get through life without being numbed by drugs. 

(I try to avoid long winded whines about people who’s lives have no impact on my own, I just had a moment of frustrated word vomiting, it won’t happen often, but I can’t promise it won’t happen again).

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