If we are to take the lead from folks like Donald Trump, who proclaim the validity of things based on factors like weather in their area, I am going to go ahead and go out on a limb to say that global warming is indeed very real. It was 85 degrees in Southern California today, mid-January, and is currently 109 degrees in Australia where they are attempting to play tennis (all matches are currently suspended due to the heat). Yes, I am aware it is summer on that side of the world, but it is very much supposed to be winter here in the west. And it very much isn’t.


The next time you torrent, download or stream a movie, television show, or porn, remember that despite the way these things are reported, all that money it seems like the studios and actors are making does not get seen by any of the smaller, lower rung people who make those productions what they are. And they are the first to go when a production runs out of money due to your unwillingness to pay a few dollars or leave your house.