I hate this holiday. The noise. The uselessness of it. It’s just ridiculous.

I get it. And I say it every year. We have a weird fetish with blowing stuff up. But aside from Marriage Equality what do we have to be celebrating the independence of? Certainly not gun deaths or racism. Homophobia didn’t die out because of gay weddings. But I forget, those are hella ‘Mercian. They’re our God given rights. Something about the Constitution. Fuck yeah! /rant

Meanwhile my nerves are shot and my mom’s dog is fast asleep at my feet like it’s all going fine. Our next door neighbors are having a party and someone brought a very upset dog that they do not seem to be paying attention to. I wish there was a 911 to report asshat people. But aside from calling actual 911 I am pretty sure “the dog is scared of fireworks” is not a good reason to call animal control over.

I did the only American thing I know and watched NASCAR and baseball. I made no noise while doing so and I feel no need to blow any shit up. I must not be from ’round here.