paintitblackHello again. Please don’t pass out. I know this is a rare occasion. Two blog entries in less than a month. The world is not ending. Well, I mean, it continues to spin, anyway.

So here’s what’s going on. After much deliberation I have decided to put my National Novel Writing Month (NanoWriMo) books online. They are rough drafts. They are flawed and unedited and probably have major plot holes. But they are complete stories you can actually follow, at least that’s what I’ve been told.

Because I cannot do anything simply, I created a whole new Web site just to house my NaNoWriMo stuff. Which meant that I had to design cover images and all that jazz (as seen right over there <—). If you’re interested in reading my non-erotica fiction work you can now visit safe in the knowledge that no one gets naked. 😉

As always feedback is encouraged.

Thanks all! – Stacy StacyPhayWrites