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Warning: Self-promotion ahead.

Wow. It has been almost nine months since I wrote an entry here. No, I was’t incubating a human in that time. I would be a terrible mother. Unless they were dragons. Then I would be fierce. Anyway that’s not why I brought you here.

Remember like, two years ago, when I announced that I was going to be a writer when I grow up? Probably not, I mean, why would you? Well, apparently I am still growing up, because I have not found a steady stride in those two years, as such. I wrote two 50,000 word novels, in November of 2013 and November of 2014, for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I saw them as books one and two in a trilogy, which I am going to attempt to complete in November of 2015. In January of this year I started to re-write the first book from the beginning. And in April I stopped writing altogether. Which is my typical cycle.

In the meantime I went back on my word from a while back in which I said I would never read the Fifty Shades of Grey books, or see the movie based on the first installment of the series. I probably could have pretended I never said it, you’d never remember, but I just read it in an old entry and some of you might go back there too, so, honesty won out. Anyway I ended up going to see the movie, under light protest, and found it intriguing. So I went ahead and read the books. All three of them. In about two weeks or less. Let’s be clear. The movie is interesting. The books hurt my soul. The writing is just. Wow. Christian and Ana sound like 50-year-old British ladies, especially when they’re having sex. And it was difficult to read the 1,001 times Ana said “Oh My” without hearing George Takei.

That all being said. It did remind me that I used to write pretty well in the genre of erotica, dirty stories, smut, whichever you’d like to categorize it. So I am back there again, this time with an attempt at writing outside the world of man on man relationships. When I was writing gay erotica and had a forum to post the chapters in, I was more apt to write every day because there were people waiting to read them. Yeah, I had actual readers. Go figure. So with that in mind I have posted my new story to Wattpad.

deletecontactSynopsis: Have you ever stopped to think of the impact other people have on your life? Would things have gone differently if you had met someone at another time, in another place? Sarah thought Ellis was gone from her life for good. Finally getting up the nerve to delete her last connection to him, she stops and wonders, does time plus distance equal change? Deciding to reach out one last time, she is about to find out.

The first five chapters can be read here:

Wattpad is a free service for writers and readers. It may ask you to sign in using your Facebook account, or to sign up with your email address. They won’t spam you. Also a reminder that my writing in this genre is done under a pen name – Anastasia Reeves. Which I came up with long before Anastasia Steele was even in my consciousness. It’s my name’s origin plus an ode to my longtime love for Keanu Reeves. Feedback is always encouraged, good or bad. Leave comments at Wattpad, here on my blog, or on Facebook of you’d like.

Do I even have to do the warning? Erotica by its own nature means EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT. Read at your own risk.

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