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Headline: 9-Year-Old Shoots Gun Instructor with Uzi

Must be Syria, Israel or Palestine right? Nope. Arizona. United States of ‘Murica.

We live in a privileged country without consequences. We pour our water over our heads in the name of charity when other countries can’t even drink theirs. We have contests to see how much food we can eat to celebrate our independence and turn away when faced with hungry children in other countries. We are teaching 9-year-olds to shoot automatic weapons, why? Is there any reason that an American child living in an American city surrounded by privilege needs to know how to work an Uzi?

At first you think, gosh that kid is going to grow up with nightmares of that event. But then you realize, her parents sent her to a school to learn how to shoot an Uzi. That is probably the least of the nightmares she’s in for.

We have no concept of consequences anymore. We fuck things up, they get fixed. We are not sure how, or why, America just has some weird magical fairy dust mojo going on. Today, the ALS Association has made millions in donations (a wonderful thing, make no mistake). Tomorrow we will be asking where all our water went. And we won’t remember that yesterday we wasted it because it we could. Yesterday a child, do not forget this, a child, shot and killed an adult, with a weapon used by soldiers in wars fought in far away lands, because, she could.

We have got to stop thinking that just because we can do something we should. We are hell bent on teaching our children that guns are the answer to everything. Guns and violence. Not love, compassion or most importantly, consequences of actions.

Think before you act. It used to be a thing. Now, it’s act, apologize, if it’s really bad apologize again, then never think again. Repeat the process. Over, and over, and over…

Yesterday a 9-year-old American shot and killed an adult American with an Uzi. Because she could. An adult handed the automatic weapon to her and showed her how to pull the trigger.

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