To all the folks who have taken part in the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to raise awareness of ALS. It is time that you step up and take a “Sand Bucket Challenge” to raise awareness of drought and un-usable water in countries who could really use that water you wasted.

Look, I am all for raising awareness of terrible diseases, but we go about it all wrong. We are so hell bent on proving how much better we are to the world, we waste our own resources just so that our Youtube channels and egos can get boosts.

Use your words. “I would like to talk to you about ALS.” Use your Twitter feeds. “Please check out this link regarding ALS.” Hashtag it #ALSAwareness. Instragram yourself holding a sign ‘I support ALS Awareness.’ There has to be a better way to get these things out there without using wasteful stunts.

Think before you act people. Awareness has to go farther than your own backyard.