Today I put the Torchwood marathon on hold and started to catch up on Banshee. See, what happens with my viewing is that I record everything on my DVR, forget or just don’t watch it, erase it figuring I’ll watch it someday, then try to watch everything I need to watch the night before the next season begins. And, repeat that process.


Madonna posted a picture of her 13-year-old son with a bottle of booze. Dennis Rodman thinks Kim Jong Un is his BFF and North Korea isn’t such a bad place. Hey wait, didn’t they date? (Side Note: I just verified Kim Jong Un’s proper spelling on so that I didn’t have to Google him)


People keep fucking up and then apologizing after the fact. And no one is learning from each other’s mistakes. All they’re doing is fucking up and apologizing, hoping for the same results (which inevitably is our forgiveness, or forgetfulness). Also, the only thing they’re sorry about is getting caught, but they’ve still not learned from others before them, that in this world of constant streams of information and social media, shit will get out. On a lighter note, I have kale and Brussels sprouts in my fridge and I intend on eating them. Together. On purpose.


There is this thing that happens every couple of days, where I feel like there is about to be an earthquake. I actually feel the earth moving around me although it is not happening at that moment. Nearly every time I get this feeling I see a news report that there was an earthquake somewhere, usually a place not known for being prone to movement. At the time of this writing I had a strong sensation and have just discovered there was an earthquake in Florida. Might be a coincidence, or I could be the next Nostradamus, or, a cat.