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Daily Blogging – Day 5 (Still working on the titling thing)


What is up with this “OMG THEY’RE HUMAN!” phenomenon happening in pop culture? Celebrities without makeup. Celebrities in bikinis. Celebrities out and about with their significant others and or children. It is serious proof that we see our celebrities as non-human entities. If you ever want to know what it’s like to see the loss of humanity read E!Online (or watch the channel), People or Us. We’ve lost all grip on reality when we are shocked that [insert celebrity of the moment here] shops, walks, wears clothing, goes out of the house without fussing about just like we do…and especially when they, wait for it – HANG OUT WITH THEIR LOVED ONES! I mean really, who does that?

Today the NFL fined a player for not speaking to the media all season. I guess there is a rule about that in the contract each player signs with the league. The thing is, until the NFL fined him, the media did not know the player had not spoken to them all season. Well ain’t that just a bitch.


It was freezing cold in Green Bay, Wisconsin today dropping well below zero during the NFL Wildcard game.


The West Coast team won in the subzero weather, wearing short sleeves. 


I am more hungry when I have food in my house than when my cupboards and fridge are empty. Fact.

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