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Daily Blogging Exercise – Day 4 (Eventually I Will Title These)

Had very little deep thoughts today. Spent most of it watching sports, which brings its own kind of thinking. Todays NFL Playoff (Wild Card) games started off with what seemed to be a blowout in Indy and turned out to be a huge win by the team that was down by 30 points before the half and is ending with what is shaping up to be an exciting game in Philly (as of this writing the home team is down by 6, if the game ends before I finish this entry I’ll update it and you won’t even have seen this so it’s moot; scoring update: Philly now ahead by 1). The thing about watching sports, though, is that you have no choice but to watch the commercials. And they are dumb.


Duck Dynasty cast launches gun line. Donald Trump believes global warming is bullshit because it is cold in his city.


Keanu Reeves is turning 50 this year. 

Correction to yesterday’s post: Aaron Rodgers. Not Aaron Rogers.

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