If you’ve never experienced next level anxiety but always wanted to know what it’s like, go back to school at age 47. Better yet go back to school at age 47, go into a Master’s level program, and do it in a field you’ve always wanted to be in.

Also. And this is a very important part of the anxiety experience. Do it all online. Because it’s always a good idea to interact on a message board. Anyone who knows me from the online world, yes, I said message board. Yes, I have PTSD. No I’m still not over that place.

I’m writing this entry today, while I can form the words, because so far I’ve done pretty okay with it all. It’s a lot of reading, writing and interacting with others who’ve read and written about the same things I have had to.  I even got to watch a movie and break it down by plot points, which is something I used to do with friends, for fun. No one is yelling. No one has told me I don’t belong there. (Yet).

But next week I post my first creative work. A story, from my brain, with words, I wrote, that someone other than my aunt will read, for the purpose of being raked over hot coals so that I can be a better writer.

Oh, I almost forgot. And this is key to any successful anxiety attack. Go back to school at age 47, in a Master’s level program, in a field you’ve always wanted to be in, online, and go out of town the weekend your final project is due.

Yep. All that. On purpose.

I think that about covers it. You now have the tools to enjoy your first experience with high level anxiety. Good luck. Enjoy. I’m here for you.