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We continue to make stupid people famous. I believe all bigots should be called out for their bullshit. But this Kentucky clerk business is going way beyond calling attention to someone on the wrong side of history. Stop saying her name. Stop caring who she’s meeting with and what they said. Just stop it. Stop giving her more of a pulpit to preach on. Who gives a shit that she met a man who does not matter? Who is the Pope and why should I care?

Stupid. People. Fame. We shut down America for a man in a white robe and a giant hat. Did he solve hunger? Did he solve homelessness? Did he cure cancer? AIDS? Why. Am. I. Supposed. To. Care. Then.

Those of you fighting for the rights of those you believe cannot fight for themselves (yeah, I’m talking to you pro-lifers). Does it bother you at all that your cause is going to force more women to get back alley abortions and probably die from infection? Do you even understand how hypocritical it is that you are fighting so hard to “save a life” when that life becomes moot once it is born? What happens to that unwanted child? You refuse to fund anything remotely in the realm of public help for anyone needing it. So, the unborn child you are supposedly saving becomes no longer your problem once you’ve ensured an unfit mother, a rape victim, a woman who may possibly die in childbirth didn’t have the abortion she clearly needs? Once that child is born, it will need care. That means government funded programs. Like foster care, welfare, healthcare, housing…And what if that child is born gay? You’ve fought so hard for the right of that unborn entity, only to leave it out in the cold for not being what you consider “worthy.” You are not making any sense.

While we’re on the topic. Those of us who are pro-choice, are not so much pro abortion as we are, pro having control over our own bodies. We are pro health care for those who cannot afford it. We are pro having proper sexual education and proper birth control. I know, I know. That’s against the rules.

This is not 1912 and we are not a dying race. If anything we need to thin the herd a bit. If you’d maybe think about how stupid it is to NOT teach proper birth control and then wonder why so many women get pregnant who didn’t mean to (not counting those who are violated, which is its own set of fucked up logic on your part), you’d see the ass backwards ness of it all.

But I forget. I keep trying to bring logic to a faith fight.

If there was a God, and he was communicating with this Pope person, he’d have sent Frankie to America to lay waste to it. We’re disgusting. We watch black children die and claim there is no racism. We let Christians tell our children they are not worthy of God’s love and wonder why they kill themselves. We hold people up on high who have zero interest in humanity and find anything but ourselves to place blame on.

You want to worship a make believe magical entity who tells you how to live your life, by all means, you go ahead. But stop telling others that they have to live that way too.

Freedom. You keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it does.

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