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Sexy Singers and Superheroes, Oh My

As I mentioned in my last entry, this week’s updates should be a lot more fun. Starting tomorrow my partner in crime The Lyconthrope (Lorraine) and I will embark on a journey that involves a concert, a convention, a comedy show, and a podcast. Dang that last one does not fit well in my fun with words attempt. Anyway. The following is an account of what is possibly going to be happening this week.

Day 1, Monday (that’s today!) – The Lycon arrives mid-afternoon. If she is not overly tired we will head straight for a mall for food and to pick up essential snacks and such. The evening’s plan is to consume said snacks and watch Jurassic Park. The original. Because I have not seen it and she has said that in order to maintain our friendship we must remedy that immediately.

Day 2, Tuesday – We head out on our journey. First stop – Riverside. Exciting right? For those who are unfamiliar with the area, there is very little to do there. Except. Rob Thomas. He will be in concert in the evening. During the day we’ll likely hit another mall, eat stuff, and maybe go see Jurassic World if we have the time and energy. We’ll stay overnight here and then…

Day 3, Wednesday – It is on to San Diego. Yep. After years of being denied, we got tickets for Comic-Con. Wednesday is all about checking in and gearing up.

Day 4, Thursday – Comic-Con! Day 1! We’ll have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to stand in line for our badges, but once they are in hand we will be inside. We’re hoping to be in the famed Hall H for a good portion of the day, watching panels.

Day 5, Friday – Comic-Con Day 2. More panels and more convention hall wandering today, followed by a comedy show. My life-long dream (OK, that’s an exaggeration) of stalking Chris Hardwick is coming true. Not only will he be moderating many of the panels we’ll be watching, we’re going to see his stand-up show! And if that’s not enough…

Day 6, Saturday – We do not have badges for this day. Sad face. We may try to be those people and sneak in under the radar, but we’ll see how that all goes. The good news is…we’re seeing Chris Hardwick again! In the evening we’ll be attending his Nerdist Podcast show with Peter Capaldi and Sir Ben Kingsley, and I am hoping we’ll get tickets for the 2nd show which they have just announced has Tom Hiddleston. Fucking Loki. Come on!

Day 7, Sunday – Back to Los Angeles we go. No tickets for this day either and truthfully, despite the fact that we will miss some great people, it’s best that we head home because…

Day 8, Monday – The Lycon gets on a plane back to London.

Just writing this out I feel tired. But I cannot and will not complain. Mostly because it’s going to be epic, and also because The Lycon will bite me and snarl at me for even suggesting it. After all, she’s the one flying 10 hours after working the overnight shift and being dragged right off into the fray by M&M (that’s me, Mischief & Mayhem).

Stay tuned for updates!

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