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Six years ago I discovered I have a knack for writing dirty stories, or gay erotica to get technical. At the time I had an outlet to post them, with an audience who would appreciate the content. One of those stories turned out to be fairly popular, so I turned it into an eBook for Amazon and posted it for sale for a cool $0.99. As of this writing I have made $12. Which is $12 more than I have made on anything I have ever written, so, let’s not laugh at that just yet. To date it has been downloaded nearly 2,000 times when I have put it on a free trial promotion. That’s 4,000 more eyes than I have ever had on any story I have written, so we’re not going to scoff at that either.

Because I no longer have the outlet I once had, and because I have other stories that do not warrant a full eBook, I started a Web site for my pen name, Anastasia Reeves. The site is tame, it’s the stories that are hot. So give the page a look-see and pass on the URL to anyone you think might be interested. The site will remain PG-13 as will all Social Media feeds created under the same name. So don’t be afraid to follow Anastasia on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook too, if you feel so inclined. (Links can be found on the site, upper right corner).

The site has a link to the eBook, a section of short gay erotica stories and a section of slash fiction, which is the pairing of characters from movies, books and television shows as couples when they may not have been in the original books, television shows and movies. Almost always same sex couples, in case you could not sense a theme here. In the coming weeks there will be a fan fiction section added which will contain stories that expand on or take from movies, television and books but will not contain sex of any kind, gay, straight or otherwise. If you want to read my stories but cannot bring yourself to read my sexy times stuff, do not fret. The new section will be added very soon and I will let everyone know once the first story is live. (It’s about Bruce Wayne as a college student, and that’s all I am going to say about it).

Thanks, as always, and happy reading!

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