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Daily Blogging – Day 7 – Flu-like symptoms make my ADHD entries worse…

What I thought was a simple (I use that word lightly) migraine turned out to be the flu. The 12 hours of sleep I hoped to get ended up only being 6, with bits of chanting myself back into oblivion.

Hockey is the cure all to everything. Or maybe that’s bacon. I might need to do more research on this.

The thing about waking up butt early is that the day seems to be about over, but when you look at the clock it is still morning.

So what they’re saying is, we would rather you be proudly from a broken marriage than be happily married to someone of the same sex. I thought the Catholic church looked down on divorce? Way to be progressive! Here’s what I’m on about. Teacher told he could keep his job if…

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Welcome. This is a safe space where I talk about all sorts of things from my life as a wheelchair user, writer and sports fan to whatever else is on my mind. Thank you for being here and going on this journey I call life with me.

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