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Daily Blogging Exercise – Days 1 & 2

If a writer blogs daily and nobody reads it, does that still constitute as writing or is it just talking to themselves on the Internet rather than in their own minds? Let’s find out.

This is my attempt to do some writing every day. Like everything else I write here, there is no real rhyme or reason to it. 

A quick DAY 1 thought recap:

The NHL is a cold bitch. Why is it Toronto and Carolina could not make a trade the day AFTER the Winter Classic so that the Leaf they were sending to Carolina could play in the game? Was that too much to ask for, seeing as you made the trade final ON THE DAY OF THE GAME?

What if the tattoo artist who tattooed your 3rd and 4th inks goes on a reality competition show, and loses? I’m about to find out…(not that it matters, I love my tattoos and he is talented no matter what a reality program says about it, still I am curious).

DAY 2 ramblings ahead…



An oak tree and a rosebud grew,

Young and green together,

Talking the talk of growing things—

Wind and water and weather.

And while the rosebud sweetly bloomed

The oak tree grew so high

Eagles, mountain peaks and sky.

“I guess you think you’re pretty great,”

The rose was heard to cry,

Screaming as loud as it possibly could

To the treetop in the sky.

“And you have no time for flower talk,

Now that you’ve grown so tall.”

“It’s not so much that I’ve grown,” said the tree,

“It’s just that you’ve stayed so small.”

-Shel Silverstein 

Friends, family, brief contact with strangers, our surroundings, media consumption, they all shape us into the people we are today, tomorrow, the next day. They do not change who we were yesterday, and they do not take away from our core value system. Learning new things, changing world views and becoming part of a new fandom does not take away from the life we led last week, month, year. They add to it, become part of the whole. That is part of growing, into adulthood, into your own person, into life. When you cannot grow together, you grow apart. And as uncle Shel said in the poignant poem above, just because the tree grew taller and more worldly and the rose stayed small and sweet does not make one of them any less beautiful than the other. The tree did not stop being what it was because it grew branches. It still has its roots.


Please do not tell me I should hug,

Don’t tell me I should care.

Don’t tell me just how grand I’d feel

If I just learned to share.

Don’t say, “It’s all right to cry,”

“Be kind,” “Be fair,” “Be true.”

Just let me see you do it,

Then I just might do it too.

-Shel Silverstein

Lead by example. It has been my motto for a long, long time. In my situation it is necessary to help people understand me by behaving in a manner that teaches them how I would like to be treated. It is true, that this method does not always work. Preaching at the pulpit to the masses is effective, many of us are sheep looking for a shepherd to lead us. But where that fails is in the actions that shepherd takes, many times opposing his or her own words. Be an example of the person you are trying to turn others into. 


Reality star and evangelical “Christian” from Louisiana is a racist bigot. Child actor who never learned to be a human in the real world is an addict, loose cannon, asshole. Utah Attorney General and other political asshats are trying to block gay marriage in their stare.


People are shocked, horrified, cannot believe a duck calling reality star, ex Evangelical preacher, “Christian” from Louisiana is a racist bigot. Another child actor turned out to be a raving lunatic asshole. Utah has legalized gay marriage. It is 2014.


In March I launched my own blog site where I planned on sharing my geek/nerd fandom with others. Four people read it. In October I just plain gave up on it. Yeah, I work like that. I do enough talking to myself in my everyday life, I don’t need to spend hours working on a web site where all I am doing is talking to myself. It’s hard work. And I already know what I like.

In November I wrote a 50,000 word novel type thing. People asked me if they could read it. I hesitated but obliged. They didn’t read it. Or they did and hated it. At the moment I am not sure I have the energy to continue writing that many words just for me to read. Yeah, I work like that.

I have no idea what 2014 has in store for me. 2013 made me tired.

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