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You’re Doing it Wrong?

Promoting myself. I am terrible at it, apparently. I don’t know the proper etiquette. Is it wrong to hand out my business card when I meet people? Apparently because it got me dirty looks the two times I tried. Not random heads either. Actual people I was conversing with who were discussing what I do with my time. And don’t even get me started on social networking. I Tweet, Tumble, Pin and Facebook every link and project I work on. I thought the idea was to get followers, shares, comments and likes. I have managed to create a whole new way of social media interaction. Inactivity.

This leaves me questioning myself. Am I doing it wrong or am I just that uninteresting? These days I am leaning toward the latter. 

That leads me down a whole new rabbit hole. The one where I assume no one cares what I have to say, which leads me down the alley to “your new story idea is dumb and overdone.” Resulting in a blank page, blinking cursor and no story told. 

She says as the words post to her blog promoting her writing. #irony

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Welcome. This is a safe space where I talk about all sorts of things from my life as a wheelchair user, writer and sports fan to whatever else is on my mind. Thank you for being here and going on this journey I call life with me.

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