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There’s this phenomenon in fandom that gives creative types like me the ability to write stories about our favorite characters in movies, television and books in situations we would like to see them in. I have tried writing FanFic/Slash (slash fiction puts two male or two female characters together, sexually, who may not have been in relationships in the worlds they were created in) before but never got the a point where I could say “THE END.” Today I did that. Go me. 

This one is PG13. Yes. I can write that way too. It is in the world of The Mortal Instruments book series. Alec/Magnus image by StreetAngel



“If you think you’re in love with me, then kiss me,” Jace said in that casual way he spoke without filter. The words had barely left his lips before he saw Alec’s blue eyes staring into his own golden ones. His breath caught and he meant to stand up but it was too late. Alec’s lips were on his, for a moment, and then his parabatai pulled away.

Jace was, for the first time since he had met Clary, speechless. Alec stood by the window looking both pleased and smug. “What was that for?” Jace finally found something to say.

“You told me to,” Alec shrugged.

“And now you decide to listen to me?” Jace had not moved since Alec had been standing over him. Speechless and paralyzed. Who knew a kiss would render such a powerful Shadowhunter unable to function properly.

Alec approached him again. “You are not usually so, convincing,” he leaned over Jace watching for the other boy to flinch, pull away, make some sort of effort to stop him from doing what he was about to do again. But Jace did something else entirely. He sat up and closed the space between them.

“Magnus is going to turn me into a coat rack,” Jace breathed into Alec’s ear.

Alec’s hands tightened on the arms of the chair. Feeling Jace’s breath on him, and hearing Magnus’s name, equally sent chills from the top of his forehead to the tips of his toes. He had never been compulsive, never dared go against anything he knew was impossible or, forbidden, but this was Jace. His Jace.

“You’re going to tell Magnus?” Alec heard his own voice attempting sarcasm. It sounded wrong. Jace thought so too because he immediately jumped and shouted “NO!” before realizing the light in Alec’s eyes was of laughter, not the glow of being kissed by his brother in arms.

Alec gently kissed Jace on the lips and smiled at him. “There’s nothing to tell anyway, it was just a kiss and now that I’ve got that out of my system, I think you’re right. I may not be in love with you after all,” he tried to look calm and confident as he walked toward the door and left the room with a quick glance over his shoulder at the still unmoved Jace.

Jace kneeled quietly over the window of the dark cell Simon was being held in. Isabelle had just left him fresh blood, he watched as she set the bottle down, alerted Simon it was there, and a bone white hand reached for it and drew it into the window.

“Simon,” Jace whispered, hoping to only get the attention of the vampire, not his mysterious cell neighbor.

Simon appeared at the wall, blood on his lips still glistening. “Jace, what are you doing  here? I thought Isabelle…”

“Something weird just happened,” Jace slumped down against the wall.

“What is it? Clary, did something happen to Clary?” Simon was suddenly worried.

Clary. Jace hadn’t even thought of her, now, hearing her name, he felt even more dread wash over him.

“No, not Clary, everything’s…fine with Clary,” Jace sighed. “Alec kissed me,” he blurted out.

Simon made a noise that sounded somewhere between a gasp and a laugh. “We all know how he feels about you Jace,” Simon said. “Are you really that surprised?”

“No, that’s not the problem,” Jace was being cryptic. He was never cryptic.

“Then what is the problem?” Simon was suddenly interested in this more than the 3/4 full bottle of blood.

“I told him to do it,” Jace announced.

Simon nearly dropped the bottle. He took a moment to collect himself and tried to speak as coherently as possible. “You, told Alec to kiss you, and he did, and you are surprised, because?”

There was a long silence. Simon could not see Jace, and Jace was not willing to turn and face the boy in the cell. “I liked it,” he said to the air.

Simon ran through the scenario in his mind. Alec, Magnus, Clary, Jace. This was certainly a big mess. “Aside from the obvious problems this may cause, what is it that is truly worrying you, Jace,” Simon was shocked at his own question.

After another long silent pause, Jace turned his head slightly toward the window and told him “I don’t think Alec liked it as much as I did.”

Simon was glad Jace could not see him. He would have made him pay for the grin that appeared across his face at that moment.

Alec ran through the streets of Alicante with the events of the afternoon swimming in a river of confusion in his mind. He was so deep in his thoughts he nearly missed the demon attack happening just ahead of him. But when he saw a flash of blue sparks he was immediately alert. Magnus.

The last demon fell in a pool of blood and ichor. He and Magnus stood face to face. “You never called me back!” Alec heard himself say to the warlock. He was instantly embarrassed but did not waver.

“You want to discuss this now?!” Magnus’s shock washed over them both as more demons descended. “You won’t even admit you and I are together and you want to know why I haven’t called you back?” he shouted.

“If we live through this I will introduce you to my whole family,” Alec promised unsheathing another blade and naming it as he swung out at the creatures surrounding them.

Magnus watched as Alec wiped the last bit of demon fluids off his gorgeous face. Alec turned to see him staring. “What?” he asked.

“Just lost in thought,” Magnus gave a tense smile. He had been thinking of the last dark haired, blue-eyed boy who stood in a room similar to this one, though far from this place and in a different time entirely.

“I have to tell you something,” Alec broke into Magnus’s thoughts. The spikes in his hair were still standing tall. He raised a glittered eyebrow. “Jace, we…” Alec’s voice caught in his throat. “Jace told me to kiss him and I did,” he blurted out.

“I will turn him into a coat rack!” Magnus yelled in a sudden burst of jealousy.

Alec put his hand up, letting it land on Magnus’s chest lightly. “In his defense, he was trying to prove a point, about my not really being in love with him, but actually being in love with you,” he averted his eyes. “He did not expect me to actually kiss him when he made the offer.”

The explanation did nothing to help the situation. “And yet, you did.” Magnus stalked off into a bedroom leaving Alec standing alone.

Jace was thankful he had utilized a quiet rune as he stalked back to the bedroom he was sharing with Alec at Penhallow Manor. Alec was asleep on one of the two beds set up in the room. Jace slid off his weapons belt and gently fell onto his bed.

“You were right,” Alec’s voice rang out in the darkness, making Jace’s heart race in his chest.

“Yes. But you are going to have to be more specific,” Jace tried to make his voice sound light.

“I told Magnus about, this afternoon, and he threatened to turn you into a coat rack,” Alec answered in his even, matter-of-fact voice.

Jace sat up and looked toward Alec in the darkness. “Why, in Raziel’s name, did you tell Magnus?”

“He’s my boyfriend, he has the right to know,” Alec’s voice stayed even, despite using the word boyfriend, which he could not recall ever saying out loud before. It bothered Jace how calm and steady Alec could be, in every situation but in battle. In battle he treasured the trait.

“You should really consider not kissing other people, for their safety, seeing as your boyfriend is the high warlock of New York and all,” Jace ran a hand over his golden hair.

“What is it you are more upset about Jace, that I kissed you, that I told Magnus about it, or that I said I wasn’t in love with you?” Alec asked into the darkness.

Jace did not answer. Alec wondered if he had fallen asleep. Leave it to Jace to doze off in the middle of a serious discussion. Alec swung his legs off his bed and padded lightly across the room toward Jace. He sat down at the edge of the bed feeling Jace’s body heat, hearing his steady breathing. Seeing his light gold eyes staring up at his blue ones. Not asleep.

Alec looked at him for a long moment. Jace’s face was darker, eyes purpling under their lids. A wave of guilt washed over him as he saw the stress of everything that had happened in the last few days weighing heavily on his friend’s beautiful features. He reached out and gently ran his fingers over Jace’s cheek and chin, then stood up to let him be, not wanting to add to his already heavy burden.

Jace reached out and grabbed Alec’s arm, pulling him back down on the bed. “You really need to stop being such a tease,” Jace’s voice cracked. He pushed himself up so that he was half sitting and, much closer to Alec.

Alec closed his eyes and waited for his lips to connect with Jace’s. No lips touched. They were interrupted by a terrible ringing noise that came from Alec’s jacket pocket slung over the chair. He jumped up and grabbed for it, seeing Magnus’s face come up on the caller ID.

“Hi.” Alec breathlessly answered.

“Interrupting something?” Magnus’s voice went up an octave.

“Nope, sleeping, just a lot of sleeping,” Alec choked out.

“Liar” the word came out as if Magnus was in the room. Alec turned around to see that in fact, Magnus had portaled directly into the bedroom and was sitting on Jace’s bed where Alec had been not five minutes ago.

“What are you doing here?” Alec asked into the phone, and at Magnus.

“Yes, Magnus, what are you doing, here?” Jace raised a golden eyebrow at how close Magnus was sitting next to him on his bed.

Magnus held his hands together in front of him, looking from Alec to Jace and back to Alec. He stopped at  Alec and focused his cat eyes on his lover’s face. “You can’t have him unless we have him together.”

Jace looked at the warlock like he had sprouted another head. Then wondered if that was actually possible and pushed the thought out of his mind. He turned to Alec to see if he was at all considering this absurd proposal. He found Alec’s face stoic and emotionless, as usual. He turned back to Magnus, maybe he was joking? There was no sign of comedy on his face, his yellow cat eyes were scanning between Jace and Alec, waiting for an answer.

“No,” Jace tried to make his voice sound strong and definite. It betrayed him.

“Why not?” Magnus asked without taking his eyes off of Alec.

Why not? “Yesterday I didn’t even know I wanted Alec, now you want me to be with both of you?” Jace did not mean to say that out loud.

“You want me?” “You want him?” Alec and Magnus spoke in unison.

That was all Alec needed for motivation. He moved toward the bed where his best friend and boyfriend were sitting dangerously close together. He kneeled in front of them, focusing on Magnus who was steadily watching his every move. He reached up and put his hand on the back of Magnus’s neck, drawing him closer to him, letting their lips gently close around each others.

Jace watched as Alec and Magnus kissed in front of him. Once again he was rendered motionless. A wave of guilt washed over him as he saw the clear affection the two had for each other. He contemplated removing himself from the room but as soon as he had come to the decision Alec turned to face him, the emotion in his blue eyes was unmistakable.

Alec edged closer to Jace. When their lips touched this time the action was more determined, purposed. Alec put all of his strength into his mouth and tongue but in such a gentle way it made Jace’s skin break out in goosebumps. Alec pushed his body against Jace’s until he was laying on top of him, feeling Jace’s muscular body under him as they continued to kiss and touch and moan into each other.

Magnus sat still next to them, willing himself to remain calm. He watched as Alec ran his hands down Jace’s long arms, tracing the runes and scars from battles they had fought side by side. Jealousy raged in the warlock’s eyes but he did not stop them. He would give Alec this, once. Alec kissed Jace’s neck and reached down to run his fingers under the waistband of his boxers. Jace briefly locked eyes with Magnus before the gold irises rolled back, enjoying Alec’s touch. Magnus knew it well, and he did not blame Jace for the small moans escaping his lips. After a moment of contemplation Magnus joined the action, he was quite curious to find out what Jace’s lips would feel like on his own.

The morning sun shone in the window of Alec and Jace’s shared room. They were each asleep in their own beds, any signs that Magnus had been there, or what had transpired between them, were long gone. They were both dead asleep when they heard Isabelle pounding on the door.

“The towers are falling!”


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