If you have not yet read the “About” section (link above) or the “Welcome to the Insanity” entry that opened this blog (scroll down or see link to the right) please do so now and then continue to read this entry.  If you have, please proceed.

This message will be featured on every entry I post here. Unfortunately it is necessary.

With that title I am sure you hoped I would be speaking in Seussisms, but I’m not that clever. You’re stuck with Stacy speak. Sorry kids. So here’s the dilemma. My right brain and left brain are at war. My creative processors and my logical processors are fighting for equal time. At the moment logic is winning. Creativity surrendered, put up a white flag, left the building. As soon as I gave her permission to take over, she turned her back on me like the child she is. 

In all my time as a faux writer, I never had to struggle to start anything. No switch had to be turned on, no alarm had to go off to wake up the sleeping creative child. She was just awake in there waiting to be unleashed. Now that I have decided that she’s the new boss, she’s quit working. Brat.

I am too responsible. I think too much. I weigh every decision and lay out all the consequences. And I keep forgetting to let myself be the important one. I’m always so worried about how my actions affect others I forget to think about how they affect me. I forgot to be a kid when I was one, and now that I have given myself permission to find my inner child, she’s gone to play in some other playground.

Please come back. I promise to let you play with all the toys.