Remember that time last month when I said I’d have a new wheelchair? Well, it’s been over a month since my last entry and…

Spoiler alert: I do not have a new wheelchair. Last week they delivered the chair with the fabulous battery powered wheels. The wheels: still rad. The chair: 5 inches too tall. Somehow in the process of measuring me and my current chair something went wrong. Notice my restraint here. I’d like you all to praise my lack of finger pointing. No need to take one person’s lack of listening skills and put it on blast. I’m growing. Anyway. The result was a chair I could not get into from my bed or from my toilet. You know, no biggie. The custom made chair has to be re-customized.

The new delivery date is the first week of September. Which doesn’t seem too far off until you realize this all started the first week of June. It’s an interesting process, that of a wheelchair user. Every new thing turns into seven things you have to change. A new car turned into a new wheelchair. A new wheelchair turns into a new routine. The domino affect, but without an end.

But, in the grand tradition of bad news/good news. I’ve been spending my time with this dude and that’s making life a bit easier. He’s sweet and energetic and keeping mom and I on our toes.


Harley. King of the castle.