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July 2015

  • Sexy Singers and Superheroes, the Wrap-Up

    Though we are still in San Diego, we are done with our events and will be on our way home in the next few hours. The Lycon is fast asleep while I type this, watching tennis and drinking coffee, naturally. She deserves to sleep for the next year, having had to do all the heavy… Continue reading

  • Sexy Singers and Superheroes, Oh My

    As I mentioned in my last entry, this week’s updates should be a lot more fun. Starting tomorrow my partner in crime The Lyconthrope (Lorraine) and I will embark on a journey that involves a concert, a convention, a comedy show, and a podcast. Dang that last one does not fit well in my fun… Continue reading

  • Selective Memory Syndrome

    Don’t worry. This will be my last rant-y entry for a while. Stay tuned next week for lots of gushing about nerdy things and swooning over comics, concerts and comedy. Today though. Let’s talk about Donald Trump. In his speech announcing his candidacy, Trump made racist comments about immigrants, specifically those coming over from Mexico.… Continue reading

  • ‘Merica Eff Yeah!

    I hate this holiday. The noise. The uselessness of it. It’s just ridiculous. I get it. And I say it every year. We have a weird fetish with blowing stuff up. But aside from Marriage Equality what do we have to be celebrating the independence of? Certainly not gun deaths or racism. Homophobia didn’t die… Continue reading

  • Sportsball!

    As a LA Kings fan it has been a rough year. At the beginning of the season Slava Voynov was arrested for domestic violence. He was immediately suspended by the NHL, and then suspended by the team months later. Which meant the Kings had to pay his salary, and when they needed players they couldn’t… Continue reading

  • Want Any Cheese With Your Whine?

    It is 5:40pm on the West Coast and I feel like it is the middle of the night. I have spent the day working on streamlining the Anastasia Reeves site and re-designing the eBook cover for “Bandmates.” I also spent some time arguing the semantics of the word bullying on a writing forum, and editing… Continue reading

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