The Matrix is real and sometimes I wish I had taken the blue pill.

During a discussion about writing I mentioned to a friend that a young woman got a multi-million dollar book deal for her One Direction fan fiction. Which led me to ponder why it is I have not lost the last shred of morals I pretend to have and taken my shot at this genre for real. Fan fic makes my insides shudder. I have so many issues with it I could write a book about it, which makes me question why I haven’t done that and this is why I never get any writing done. Anyway… 

Because the season just ended I immediately thought of hockey and suggested I try my hand at some fan fiction in that realm, because hey, write what you know and make up the rest, right? 

My friend commanded I write two chapters for her and told me to “make her love hockey.” I promised I’d do that and I set about brainstorming a story. This always leads me to research. And by god if there’s not hockey fan fiction out there already. I should not be surprised. There’s writing for everything, if you know where to look. I never imagined I was going to do some sort of ground-breaking thing by writing a sports themed fan fiction tale. I think I’m just more shocked that I had not considered looking for it until now. 

If you’re curious:

One Direction fan fiction deal news

What does sports fan fiction look like?

Just hockey fan fiction because other sports are not as rad

There is no spoon. I know Kung Fu. Follow the White Rabbit. All that you know is at an end. (I will stop quoting the Matrix now, K bye).