Month: January 2014

Day 31 – The End (ish)

I feel like the final entry in the 31 days of blogging challenge (which ended up being short by six days) should be something profound and thought provoking. But the truth is, I do not really have anything to say that is either thought provoking or profound. 

Thank you to everyone who read through the entries this past month. Over the next few weeks (or months) I will be posting less often but more meaty entries. Some might even be those fan fiction stories I am having an internal debate about.

See you all soon

Day 29 – Proceed With Caution

Things that are bugging me: There is a petition on President Obama’s desk to deport Justin Bieber. Because the President does not have better things to do than order the deportation of an asshole teenager we’ve had enough of. Prince is suing his fans for bootlegging videos of his music. Because Prince does not do anything for free. The Olympics are happening whether we like it or not and there are LGBT athletes, allies to the community and ambassadors attending on the US’s behalf who do not believe in the politics of the Russian government. But we are calling to boycott them anyway.

When you wake up tomorrow and head to your shitty job you’re only doing until you can do what you really want to do, or when you head to the dream job you got from your hard work and determination, take a step back and ask yourself what you would do if someone told you not to pursue it, or called you names because you are not giving up the dream in protest of something. It is easy enough for you to not drink a Coke, eat a burger or use your credit card. Do not pretend it is simple to just not pursue your lifelong dream. Until you sacrifice more than a french fry and an ice cold beverage. Shut the hell up.

Day 28 – Isn’t it Ironic?

I don’t particularly like writing fan fiction. There is something wrong about it to me. Not in the content and what fan fiction usually turns out to be (sexier than the original text), obviously, but in the fact that you are taking someone else’s hard work and then doing the easy stuff. As a writer I feel dirty when I write a story using another author’s characters, their world, the things they spent all those years, days, hours coming up with. Who am I to step in their sandbox and change their character dynamics? Use their research? Act like I know better? Anyway. I just feel skeevy about it.

So it is with irony that I tell you all, my readers, that the most popular entry on this silly blog, is a slash fiction story I wrote about characters from a book series I am in love with. Yeap. My one and only finished product fan fiction attempt is getting more hits than anything I have ever written here. Dammit.

At this moment I have a Bruce Wayne/Harvey Dent story rummaging around in my head, which was sparked by a conversation I heard on a podcast. I am having trouble writing the actual story. Is it really mine to tell? Just because I know Kevin Smith and Paul Dini are never going to write it themselves, does that make it OK for me to run with their idea? Then again isn’t that how ideas happen in the first place? And in the end, who cares where it came from, it’s not like I am selling fan fiction as my own creation. I think this is the circle of thought that is keeping me from writing anything other than silly, unsolicited opinions about pseudo celebrities and human rights issues.

While I contemplate the validity of this conundrum, feast your eyes on the latest portfolio piece I put together for Captain America The Winter Soldier. ‘Cause ya know, the professionals didn’t already do a good job on the official artwork. Cue Alanis Morrissette…


Day 27 – Do Not Ingest This Product

TMI Alert – As I was curled up in bed dealing with severe cramps I wondered how it would feel if I could spread IcyHot on my ovaries. Then the medicine kicked in and I fell asleep.

Everyone’s Talking About – The GRAMMY’s. I did not watch them. I caught up on Castle and Bones then watched Sherlock. I did experience the entire show on Twitter though.

The mayor of Sochi (Russia) has declared that there are no gay people in his city. First, it’s cute he thinks that. Second, it’s sad he thinks that. Because part of what that means, is that the gay people who definitely exist in Sochi are so scared of being beaten to death they are hiding. The truth of the matter is, there are plenty of gay people all over Russia, but they would all like to live to see tomorrow. Thanks for playing though!

The Olympics. To boycott, or to watch and donate money to human rights causes? That is the question. 


Day 26 – Return of the Whack

I do my best to not hold any hatred for anyone. Even those who have done amazingly mean things to me, school bullies, people who took advantage of my kindness, Internet bullies. I especially keep the hatred away form people who have no impact on my life, like celebrities, bands, sports figures. I find hating someone or something exhausting. That being said, when I watch hockey there is one announcer who honestly makes me want to punch him in the throat. If you asked my why, I could not give you a fully formed answer. He just pushes every one of my annoyance buttons. Not sure if I can categorize that as hatred, I do not know the man, but what else would you call someone who makes you want to commit violent acts against them? 

As I write this I am watching that announcer during an outdoor game in New York where it is snowing and cold. It is currently 65 in Los Angeles and I am running my floor heater. A bit ago a chill went through me and I wondered if I should turn the heater up. Then I looked at the TV and saw it snowing on 50,000 fans watching outdoor hockey, and felt like an asshole.

Being a sports fan it is difficult not to feel like a cougar (an old woman lusting after younger men) as most of these kids are just about half my age. I would feel wrong about it, but the chances I would have snagged a pro athlete at any age are slim to none, so I gawk without guilt.

Today’s entry brought to you by the word exhaustion. Thank you for visiting.

Day 23 – On Justin Bieber

This thing we do, building people up to celebrity status and then tearing them down the first chance we get – it needs to stop. Justin Bieber is an asshole. Because he’s 19 and famous and everyone is an asshole at 19, and people who are famous are allowed to be assholes because who in the world is going to say no to a star. But, we ask these questions. “What happened to him?” “Why is he doing this?” “What’s wrong with him?” What were you like at 19?

And to answer the question why is he doing this? Because he can. Because when they raided his house after the egging incident they arrested his friend. Because last night’s arrest – for DUI and drag racing – resulted in a $2,500 bond being set. Justin Bieber pissed $2,500 worth of booze in Colorado when he wrote his name in the snow, like every other fucking dude does when they see snow and have to pee. He probably paid the bond out of change from the cup holder in the Lambo he was racing.

Many of us, yep, even you, were young, dumb and full of cum once upon a time. Can you imagine what you would be like if you had endless amounts of money flowing through your bank account, hundreds of people willing to say yes to every stupid, dangerous, illegal thing you wanted to do and absolutely no parental supervision?

Just because you did not grow up in the spotlight and have your antics recorded for prosperity don’t act like this is the weirdest, most uncharacteristic thing a teenager has ever done. 

The question we need to be asking ourselves is, where are the adults, where are the people who should be watching over him and making sure he does not do stupid shit? Oh, right, they’re in the seat next to him working the Nitros Oxide button to go faster.

Day 21 – Untitled

Today has been all about keeping myself from throwing up. No idea what that’s all about, could be the flu, again, but that would mean that the flu shot I got was useless. 

What that also means is, I have not been able to read or write anything all day. Instead I have been listening to people talk about their love of Batman. Writers, mostly. Sometimes I find it useful to listen to others talk about being creative to supplement my own lack of being so.

Not-so-Apology of the day: Sherri Shepherd is very sorry if she hurt anyone’s feelings in her remarks and promises she is not anti-gay. She still thinks homosexuality is a sin, though.

Personal confession of the day: I sleep on my right side, and have for many years. This has resulted in a prominent bald spot. On my eyebrow. 

That’s about all I can muster for this entry. More tomorrow?

Day 19 – I’m Sorry, My Google Translator Was Drunk

Today is one of those days when my mixed up personality really reveals itself. Most of the day I will be spending watching NFL playoffs, while I read comics and possibly cook something yummy that I am currently concocting mentally. At some point I will be hanging out with friends playing tabletop games, possibly while an NFL game plays on the TV in the background. And then tonight is the premiere of Sherlock which will challenge my newly formed “old woman” personality who cannot stay up past 9:00 p.m. (Sherlock starts at 10:00 p.m. and runs for just over 2 hours).

This morning I have been cleaning and organizing while listening to music and then watching hockey when that started. As I organized myself I wondered just how OCD it makes me that I do everything in a certain order. Emptying the dishwasher, washing dishes, even putting my vitamins in a daily dosage container, all done with a certain purpose and logic that probably only I understand. 

By the way I read Juan Pablo Galavis’s apology yesterday and I am still not okay with him. The truth is, he said dumb things about a dumb show he’s on, and no one should really care but, we do. The problem I have with the apology is that his clarification made things no better. Stereotyping is still stereotyping, no matter which word you mixed up in translation – perverted vs promiscuous – what you’re saying is, it is okay for the straight people, but nobody wants to see the gays like that. (Did you know that gay porn has the highest views in Uganda? Yes, Uganda, where they kill you for simply texting another man to say you want to be with him).

Also, no amount of rehab for alcohol abuse is going to make you less crazy, or less misinformed, Mr. Rodman.

Today I made a promise on the NaNoWriMo site that I would edit and refine the novel I wrote in November. That is a steep task. I think I’m up for the challenge though.

Day 18 – Think of the Children!

Just when I thought I was not going to have anything to write about…

Juan Pablo Galvis, the Bachelor, when asked if a gay version of the show would work, answered honestly, which these days is not such a good thing and someone should really be putting these people through better media training. If you want to stay relevant and not be that guy/girl who said that homophobic, racist, idiotic thing, lie like a rug. Anyway, it is not actually THAT he said what he said I find problematic, free speech and all that jazz, it is WHAT he said. 

Juan Pablo thinks that gay men are not good role models and that a gay bachelor show would set a bad example for the children. What the actual fuck? Essentially what you’re saying is you and 16 women getting drunk and fucking each other in the guise of finding true love, having it filmed for the world to see, IS a good example for children! I guess because at least it’s between a man and a woman, and ya know, the bible says that’s what’s right, after all. God loves fame whores, duck hunters, alcoholics, politicians and talk show hosts, but he sure does hate the gays. Got it? 

But listen guys, Phil Robertson, Juan Pablo and recent addition to the crazy train, Sherri Shepherd, don’t hate the gays. They just think gays are hell bound poor examples for the children, and as long as they don’t have to see them, the children will grow up to be duck hunting, fame whoring talk show hosts. Because, the Bible. Noted.

On the topic of the children. Someone please think of the children! Vladimir Putin put his homophobic (he definitely hates the gays, and he will tell you that if asked, I am sure of it) bare-chested torso front and center to let the gay Olympians and Olympic revelers, commentators and whomever is involved in his “please come to Russia, we need the money” campaign, that you can be gay, and you can be out, as long as you leave the children alone. And by leave the children alone he means do not molest them. Because only gay people do that, and ALL gay people do that. OK?

Day 17 – In Brief

In two days I will no longer feel the need to avoid all my usual geek haunts because I will finally have seen the premiere of Sherlock season 3. Well, it’s really just the Geek section of Pinterest I have been avoiding, other than unfollowing a few people on Tumblr and Twitter who felt the need to talk about the show because they think they’re so much cooler than those of us who a) waited patiently for the debut in the US on actual television and did not illegally download it, and b) do not live in the UK where it premiered 16 days ago.


Despite my annoyance with the Smodcast, I find myself enjoying Kevin Smith’s other podcasts, including Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, in which Jason Mewes is the calming force in Kevin Smith’s pot filled life. Look him up sometime and you will understand why this is surprising.


I have clean run out of things to talk about in this blog. When one has very little social life one tends to not have much to share. (I’ve chosen this, it is not a complaint).

For the next 13 days I am going to continue to put as many words into this blog as possible. After meeting a 30 day blog challenge I think I will cut it down to 3x a week or, a weekly roundup type thing. We’ll see how it goes.