Month: December 2013


I woke up this morning and did my usual sweep of news media, clicking on the usual headlines that catch my attention. Any time the words “anti-gay” turn up I check to see who it is, what it’s all about, and if there is something I can do about it (make angry posts on Twitter and Facebook, sign a petition, rant about it on my blog…). When I opened the “Duck Dynasty star says stupid things about gays” article I was not looking to crucify anyone. I was simply curious about whether or not I was right about the dialogue he used to condemn gays. And I was. It was nothing I was not expecting to hear from a 67-year-old redneck duck caller with a reality TV show. Gay is wrong, the bible says so, homosexuality leads to sex with animals. Yawn, yawn, yawn. I passed it off as the usual fodder and went on with my day.

And then the media shitstorm began. He has been taken off the air (not the show, mind you, just the guy who said the shit we’re upset about), people are shocked, in disbelief, falling down with amazement that these things could possibly come from, I reiterate here, a 67-year-old DUCK DYNASTY STAR. Homophobia and bigotry of any kind is uncalled for. I will never ask that we give leniency because the man is old, misinformed and, a fucking reality show star. But what I would like to point out here is the way this story came to be.

Mr. Robertson was being interviewed by GQ magazine. The interviewer found it necessary to ask the man what he thought of gay people. Mr. Robertson answered honestly and with the information he knows from his beloved bible and church. Is that OK? No. But I ask you, dear readers, why did the interviewer at Esquire ask a man who is famous for creating duck calls about his opinions on gay people? I will answer the question, though I simply speculate here. Because, my friends, he/she knew the answer and knew the shitstorm that piece of the article would cause.

We should in no way pass off the ignorant words spoken, and I appreciate the fact that A&E is erring on the side of caution and keeping him out of the show for an “indefinite period of time,” but I do wonder if we are going about this ass-backward. Thank goodness that homophobic old redneck duck caller can’t be on TV for a little while…meanwhile in India, Russia, South Africa (the list goes on and on) people are dying just by walking down the street and being who they are.

‘Murica. Land of the free. Home of the brave.

A Stream of Consciousness Type of Thing

On a darker note…

Paul Walker died in a car accident this month. There are two actors on this planet I have been a fan of in the long term. Keanu Reeves and Paul Walker. I did not know Paul, I had never met him. Regardless, I am still torn up that he is dead. I went through the phases. Denial. Acceptance. Anger. When the news broke I insisted it was a hoax until all of the legitimate news sources confirmed it was not. I accepted that he had died, but still could not believe it. Then I got angry. How is it that Paul Walker, a man who just wanted to act and raise his daughter and surf and donate time and money to causes close to his heart, as quietly as possible in this industry, was dead. And soul sucking leeches seeking fame at any cost are still alive and well. How is that fair?

10 years ago I was working at Paramount and a movie called Timeline was about to be released. It starred Paul Walker, who was just coming off of the sequel to the Fast and the Furious, so he was becoming a pretty big deal. Being a part of the Motion Picture Marketing Department had its share of perks. On one particular day they were holding a special screening of the film, for Paul. We were asked to sit in the small room and watch the film with him, to show our support. He showed up on time, he came in quietly, he and his friend who had accompanied him sat in their seats and the opening credits rolled. Like many of Paul’s films it was not the greatest, but we clapped when it was over. The lights came up, Paul and his friend left and we went back to work. No fanfare, no hoopla. Nothing. In a time where we were consistently bending over backward to please folks like Tom Cruise, it was a nice change.

Paul Walker is dead. How is that fair?

On a lighter note…

For National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for those who were following my updates on Facebook) I stopped consuming any media I thought would seep into my brain and make me think I had come up with the idea for my own novel. Being a fan of the dark and supernatural genre, I decided to write a story based in that genre. So I put down the Sandman series, stopped watching Supernatural and let Grimm, Dracula and Sleepy Hollow record on my DVR. In an effort to keep my mind on my own task, I stopped reading Allegiant and Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse and watched my Kindle app and DVR pile up with new books that I just could not pass up buying and new shows I had no time to begin watching.

Throughout the month I watched two shows religiously – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sons of Anarchy. I power watched Doctor Who to prepare for the anniversary special, and read my Batman comics. There was no way I was going to be able to go a whole month without those things. I “won” NaNoWrimo, which is to say I wrote a 50,000 word “novel” in 30 days. After which I gave myself five days to recover.

And then I binge watched Sleepy Hollow and Supernatural, I started reading a biography on Superman (recapping all 75 years of the Man of Steel’s history) and went back to Gaiman’s Sandman series. I jumped back into Grimm (of which I am a season and a half behind!), started on Almost Human and dove back into Percy Jackson’s world. Dracula is still waiting for me, as is Allegiant. For some reason I am having issues starting on Dracula because I am a fan of both the vampire and Jonathan Rhys if it sucks (no pun intended).  I am not good with endings so, Allegiant is sitting there on my Kindle blinking at me in a taunting manner.

That’s where I am right now. In January I begin phase 2 of NaNoWriMo, which consists of editing and reworking the 50,000 words written in November.