Chaos in creativity. That’s my underlying theme. Always has been. As much as finding serenity has been my ultimate goal in my everyday life, I have figured out that having it in my creative life isn’t in my nature. I write the most compelling pieces when I’m feeling discombobulated. So that’s why I’m here now. In this space. To create some chaos.

For those of you who have not yet read the “About” section, I want to give you fair warning now: you are reading this blog out of your own free will. I take no responsibility for your comfort from this point on. I will write my blog entries from a place of brutal honesty. Nothing is off limits. Things you may not want to know about me may come out in the entries that follow. I make no apologies from this point forward. I sounded off the warning, you are responsible for hearing it.

That being said, thank you for visiting and reading should you choose to take the red pill. If you have chosen the blue pill forget this blog exists and continue with your life as if you never saw it.